Trailer rentals provide you with maximum flexibility to meet your company's needs. If you have a requirement to cover a short-term load or a seasonal need, renting may be your best option, allowing you to return the trailer once the need is satisfied.

Our large network of branches and over 50,000 trailers provide our customers the assurance their semi trailer rental needs will be satisfied. If you find yourself never renting a trailer because you own 100% of your trailer fleet, then you likely own too many trailers!



When Does Renting a Trailer Make Sense?


New customer contracts

When winning a new customer account, the logistics of providing a trailer pool can be overwhelming. Tractor trailer rentals from Premier enable you to satisfy your customers' needs until you can relocate your equipment to their location.


Seasonal demands of your customer

The production of your customer's goods may vary widely based on their customer's demands. Tractor trailer rentals allow you to provide additional equipment to your customer without the expenditure of buying trailers to meet these short-term needs.


Upgrading your fleet

Purchasing new trailers and upgrading your fleet can be challenging - from trailer production slots to finding someone to purchase your existing equipment. Semi trailer rentals can help you bridge these gaps and make your job easier while ensuring there is no impact to your customer.




Premier Services with Every Trailer Rental

Other Services

Type of Equipment

  • Dry vans (48'/53')
  • Flatbeds (spreadaxle/closed tandems)
  • Specialized flats (RGN's/doubledrops)
  • Refrigerated equipment (reefers)

Premier is ready to partner with you to determine the best solution for your short-term or seasonal requirements. Let us create a customized strategy tailored to your unique needs.

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