What's it like to work with Premier?

At Premier, we're committed to customer excellence. By offering a diverse fleet of more than 60,000 trailers, we ensure that customers find exactly what they're looking for, from dry-vans, reefers, flatbeds, and more. With 40+ locations spread nationwide and an in-house roadside service team ready and willing to assist, customers get the service they need, wherever they are on the road. Our award-winning company culture puts our people first, every time.

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Who are Premier’s partners?

At Premier, we partner with the very best. Our customers range from regional transportation businesses to large manufacturers and wholesalers of perishable & non-perishable goods. We leverage years of industry expertise to streamline the trailer leasing and renting process, support your drivers, and trim overhead costs.

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Why choose Premier?

From friendly service and no-nonsense turn-in charges to the flexibility to meet you where you are, Premier keeps you on the road and operating smoothly. With our emergency RoadCARE assistance and routine maintenance services, we’re prepared to go the extra mile to keep your trailers and equipment in top-notch condition. See what sets Premier apart.

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See what it's like to work with us.

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At Premier, we're not just focused on fleet fulfillment—we help you spec the right equipment for the right job. Together, we'll overhaul your rental and leasing operations with streamlined, agile, and personalized service.
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New to Premier? Customers begin by setting up their account for simple trailer renting and leasing.

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Next, we'll introduce you to our comprehensive fleet management and maintenance services. Explore our extensive inventory of flatbeds, dry vans, and more. As your business scales, your transportation needs evolve. We'll work with your team to assess your growing demands.

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Finally, we'll introduce you to the flexibility of our pricing model. Learn more about the short-term benefits of trailer rentals versus long-term leasing, trailer age, location, etc. and break down the costs associated with each option.

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