When should a trucking and shipping company consider a trailer lease? Leasing helps your company reduce the cost of utilizing the trailer during the year. Renting trailers more than three times per year can result in a company spending more money on the drayage for the equipment than the rental charges. If you have had rental trailers for more than six months, it's time to switch to a semi trailer lease and start saving your company money! Premier has a large inventory and variety of trailers for lease to meet your needs.



Leasing vs. Owning

Each trucking company has unique shipping lanes, customer base and challenges it faces on a daily basis. The best solution concerning trailer ownership varies based on each company's unique financial position and customer requirements. In most cases, it makes sense for companies to own, lease and rent some portion of their trailer fleet. At Premier, we will partner with you to determine the best mix for your particular needs.

Why Lease a Portion of Your Fleet?


New customer contracts

Ownership can offer the lowest overall cost and highest cash flow due to the depreciation of the asset. However, ownership can provide a great burden when losing a customer contract and thus the revenue and cash flow it provided. Leasing some portion of your fleet gives you the flexibility you need to weather these bumps in the road.


Upgrading your fleet

In case you have not researched the price of a new trailer recently, they are getting very expensive. Leasing new trailers allows you to upgrade your fleet and your image with your customers. As trailers age, keeping the reliability high when servicing your customer becomes a bigger issue. Reach out to your local branch and lease a new trailer today!


Reduced Rates

When you lease a trailer, our costs are reduced and we pass these savings onto you. Contact your local branch to see how much money you can save on a semi trailer lease today!