Trailer Maintenance
At Premier Trailer Leasing, we take pride in maintaining our equipment and keeping accurate records of ongoing repair to ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
Trailer Maintenence

Mileage Maintenance: Leave it to the Experts

For customers who select the mileage option, Premier will manage all maintenance behind the scenes so it's one less thing to worry about. Receive alerts directly to your client dashboard when each of your trailers is due for regular inspection. Simply bring the trailers to a Premier location and we'll perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Annual FHWA inspection
  • Replace any tires and brakes due to normal wear
  • Replace any light bulbs, door seals, lubricants and other items related to normal wear

RoadCARE maintenance is included. For a small fee, we can also schedule a vendor to come to your facility and perform all of the maintenance procedures listed above, wherever you are.


Net Maintenance: Manage Maintenance In-House

In many cases, trailer maintenance can be handled in-house. With our net trailer maintenance option, you're in the driver's seat. Simply return your trailer to the location specified in your trailer rental agreement in the same condition as it was rented. All damages and equipment replacements due to natural wear and tear will be your responsibility.

RoadCARE service is included for all customers. No subscription required.

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Meet RoadCARE
Premier’s Roadside Emergency Services
Our new in-house Premier RoadCARE team is available 24/7 to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with the service you've come to expect from Premier. Learn More About RoadCARE
For testing only
Need RoadCARE now? Call us at
For any trailer roadside assistance needed, give us a call. Existing customers can also visit their customer portal for more information about ongoing maintenance and inspections.
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Download our RoadCARE flyer for program details.
Trailer & Cargo Tracking
Premier offers real-time tracking solutions, including advanced GPS tracking, geofencing, and cargo tracking to pin-point your fleet and maximize its efficiency.
trailer and cargo tracking

Keep tabs on your fleet at any time, anywhere.

Monitor your trailers at all times. With advanced geofencing and GPS tracking capabilities, you can maximize your trailer utilization and make sure internal operations run as smoothly as possible.

FleetLocate's location tracking makes it easy.

FleetLocate's geolocation capabilities make it easy to pinpoint your entire fleet and get regular location updates. Plus, it records actual mileage based on GPS data, with cost-per-mile analytics reporting. FleetLocate is compatible with many transportation management systems for seamless integration and ease of use. You'll experience:

Increased productivity

Identify empty trailers and get them back on the road as soon as possible. Use geofencing to eliminate route deviation or delays. Increase revenue by maximizing your drivers’ hours with location, availability, and maintenance status at your fingertips.

Improved driver retention

Get your drivers on the road faster after pick up and delivery, thus maximizing hours of service, boosting confidence, and delivering ongoing support.

Asset & investment protection

Get realtime alerts to geolocate lost or stolen equipment and potentially reduce insurance costs.

Integrated systems

Simply integrate FleetLocate into your existing systems, unifying your data into a single intuitive dashboard.

Increased customer satisfaction

Optimize trailer pools, improve customer service, maintain reliable equipment, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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Reefer Fleet Management
Since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) went into effect, regulations are stricter now more than ever. Premier keeps you in control and in compliance with our comprehensive fleet management solutions.
reefer fleet management

Keep your cargo cool for the long haul.

Premier reefer trailer rentals and leases come standard with the most advanced refrigerated trailer tracking system available. Keep your cargo cool with 2-way remote control and command including start/stop capability and comprehensive monitoring. Check the temperature of your trailers pre-trip and get access to detailed reefer health reports. Plus, you can streamline your fleet’s efficiency with geofencing and GPS tracking and trailer utilization metrics.

Power up with solar and increase your fuel savings.

We want to keep your fleet running efficiently, without breaking the bank or draining your energy supply. Telematics can drain your battery, which put your temperature-controlled cargo at risk. To offset the power drain, Premier reefer trailers come equipped with a 30-watt weatherproof solar panel so you can enjoy an extended battery life, fuel savings, and reduced maintenance costs.

Maintain compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Are you in compliance? The Food Safety Modernization Act is the most sweeping reform of food safety laws in 70 years. Premier offers advanced reefer trailer temperature monitoring so you can manage your cold chain operations hassle-free. Our client dashboard provides instant and complete data retention, record keeping and reporting and sends out real-time alerts for temperature, location, and reefer health status updates. Plus, you can automate actions in accordance with the FSMA. Additionally, our map visualization capabilities provide real-time visibility of location, temperature, speed, safety, fuel, door and incident trending and analysis.

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Download our company brochure for more details about our inventory.
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Fuel Savings & Compliance Devices
Drive down operating costs with Premier’s fuel saving features. Our trailers can be equipped with aero devices and are specifically designed to keep your fleet operating efficiently and in compliance.
fuel savings and compliance devices

Supercharge your savings with aero devices advanced features.

Aerodynamic devices keep your fuel costs down by minimizing drag and maintaining smoother air flow. All of our aero devices are SmartWay verified and CARB compliant. By leveraging aero devices on the road, you can improve your trailer efficiency, accelerate deliveries, and drive down costs.

Stay in the know with the latest California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

Make sure you’re always in the loop and in compliance with the latest standards in trailer operations. The following regulations apply to operation and maintenance of trailers and diesel engines in the state of California:

  • Any 53' dry van or refrigerated trailer operating in California is required to have a SmartWay approved C.A.R.B. compliant aerodynamic device and low rolling resistance (LRR) tires, in an effort to save fuel and lower diesel emissions in the State.
  • All transport refrigerated units (TRUs) operating in CA must meet the C.A.R.B. in-use performance standards.
  • All TRUs residing in CA must also be registered with C.A.R.B. and display compliance labels.
  • Beginning 12-31-2023, any unit operating in CA, regardless of its domiciled location, must meet the in-use performance standards, be registered with C.A.R.B. and display compliance labels.

Premier will continue to register all compliant TRUs with C.A.R.B. and install compliance labels so you can keep your freight moving and avoid inspection delays or potential fines. If you are planning to operate Premier equipment in the State of California, please notify your sales or operations representative to ensure you are issued a compliant trailer.

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Trailer Pickup & Delivery
Premier helps you maximize profits by keeping your drivers on the road and fulfilling deliveries faster. Our network of dedicated vendor partners gets you the equipment you need, where you need it most.
trailer pickup and delivery

Speed up your trailer pickups and delivery.

We understand our customers are under pressure to complete deliveries quickly and drive down overhead costs. At Premier Trailer Leasing, we've streamlined the pickup and delivery process to get your drivers back on the road without any hassle. We offer speedy delivery nationwide, so you can keep your customers satisfied and keep your profits high, too.

Want to learn more about expediting your pickups and delivery? Call your local branch to explore trailer delivery options for both rental and leasing agreements.

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Reach out to our branch locations to learn about delivery services near you.
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Trailer Loss Damage Waiver
Ensure every journey is smooth riding. Our Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) provides coverage for any physical damage to leased trailers without the added hassle of scheduling and unscheduling insurance for each rental. Claims are never reported to your insurance provider.
trailer loss damage waiver

What is the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) ?

Premier offers the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) service to its customers to cover the trailer in the event of a loss or damage from a covered peril. For companies that schedule LDW, this service provides the physical damage coverage you need without having to schedule and unschedule insurance for each rental. Claims are never reported to your insurance provider.

In the event of a casualty, trailer values are always covered in full. In the event of a claim due to fleet damage, rental charges stop when the deductible is paid. We offer competitive rates and reasonable deductibles and stop charges as soon as rental or lease is terminated.

What does the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) cover?

Have you experience damage to your Premier fleet? Don't sweat it; Premier is here for you. For coverage, file a claim with your local Premier representative within 48 hours of the incident. Direct physical loss or damage caused by a covered peril, including:

  • Collision while moving or standing
  • Damage that is the result of fire, hail, wind or tornado
  • Theft of trailer (police report required)
  • Recovery of the unit, towing and storage — $5,000 maximum

What doesn't the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) cover?

It's important to note: Mexico and Canada are excluded from coverage. Additional damages not covered by the Loss Waiver Damage include the following:

  • Damage that is the result of loading and/or unloading freight or freight that was not secured during loading
  • Damage or loss due to flood (including storm surge or mud slide)
  • Loss resulting from a nuclear hazard, military action, civil authority, or earth movement
  • Trailer cargo loss
  • Lost or missing trailers
  • Contamination of trailer or cargo
  • Tire theft or tire damage
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Download our flyer for more about the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW).
Speak with a team member
Speak with a team member to learn more about your LDW options.
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