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Account Application Notice:
Premier Trailer Leasing Inc provides trailer rental, leasing, and sales to commercial businesses only. Generally speaking we are looking for companies who have been in business for 2+ years, have low to moderate five-figure average bank balance or better, and commercial trade reference all in good standing. If you fit these criteria, please complete this online credit application.


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Step 3: Insurance Information

Notice: We require a valid current insurance certificate prior to release of any trailers, naming Premier Trailers LLC & ISAA as Additional Insured for Liability and Loss Payee for Physical Damage.

Our Insurance Requirements are as Follows:

  1. Minimum of $1 Million Combined Single Limit (CSL) liability coverage. (GL,AL)
  2. Physical Damage Coverage - Or you may choose Premier's Loss Damage Waiver program. Click here for more details.
  3. Premier Trailer Leasing Inc. must be named as Additional Insured for Liability and Loss Payee for Physical Damage.
  4. Certificate Holder Information: Premier Trailers LLC & ISAA
Are you interested in our LDW plan for physical damage?

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