Trailer Tracking With FleetLocate

Premier Trailer Leasing wants to help make your business run more smoothly. Through our partnership with FleetLocate, you can have near-pinpoint location updates of where your entire fleet is for the duration of its time on the road. Plus, FleetLocate records actual mileage based on GPS data, with cost-per-mile analytic reporting. We even offer geofencing for no additional charge. Call us today to see how our system can benefit your operation.

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Rich Data Trailer Management

  • Time and motion based
  • Monitor < hour stop reports
  • Real-time location information on where your trailers are now
  • Actual mileage based on second by second GPS data
  • Exact historical trailer location every ten minutes while in route
  • Continuous 10 minute updates as well as on-demand while in motion
  • Cost per mile analytic reporting
  • Cellular works inside most buildings

Trailer UtilizationGPS  unit installed on trailer

  • Accurate idle status
  • Daily idle report
  • Turn-time by location
  • Radius search
  • Idle analysis
  • Pool management


  • Trailer theft recovery
  • Load theft recovery
  • Lower insurance cost
  • Trailer abuse control
  • “Theft alert” mode

Driver Management

  • Notifications and alerts
  • All driver stops
  • Load tracking
  • Eliminate OOR miles

Customer Service

  • Dedicated operations
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer tracks loads

Supply Chain VisibilityGPS  unit detail photo

  • Origin real-time departures
  • Destination real-time departures
  • In-route real-time visibility

Driver and Equipment

  • Trailer radius search
  • Reduce out-of-route miles
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Save driver hours/time

Operational Man-Hours

  • No more yard checks
  • Accurate location/mapping
  • Integration with dispatch

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