Sell Your Trailers Today!

Premier is buying used trailers every day. If you are interested in selling your trailers, please contact your local Premier branch.

When does a sale or sale/leaseback make sense?

  • Upgrading your Fleet: If you are upgrading your fleet, dispensing of your current fleet can be difficult both logistically and financially. Premier provides competitive trade terms so you can get the most money possible for your fleet. By doing a sale/leaseback 12 months prior to ordering new trailers, your company can maximize cashflow and focus on what it does best – haul freight.
  • Generate Cash: Your company has a great deal of equity tied up in trailers. Doing a sale/leaseback with Premier will enable you to turn that equity into cash.
  • Lost Contract or Closing Down a Terminal: Relocating large amount of trailers that your company does not need can be draining on your finances.

Contact Premier now to sell these trailers and turn them into cash.